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What is Decarbonia API?

Here is how you can use Decarbonia API to prepare for a greener future.

API-based Solution Towards a Net-Zero Future

We offer a shopping experience with a zero carbon footprint.
Decarbonia API provides e-commerce platforms, retailers, banks, and food service companies with the ability to offer a carbon-neutral shopping experience to end consumers by providing access to Voluntary Carbon Markets and automated systems for purchasing carbon offset certificates through our company.

Give Your Customers the Right to Choose

People ask for a greener planet. Let them have it.

How Does Decarbonia API Work?

Using our free automated system infrastructure, your end consumers have the option to easily neutralize the carbon footprint of their purchased products during the shopping experience, including shipping.
Our service can be directly financed partially or completely by your company as an additional service/benefit, or it can be entirely financed by your end consumer audience.
Our platform integration is quick and easy, enabling you to create a sustainable product portfolio with a carbon neutral footprint for your end consumer audience.