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Become Our Business Partner – We Welcome Businesses of All Sizes

We are determined to help our partners neutralize their carbon footprint and support any steps taken in the right direction to protect our planet. As we all know, there is no second Earth.

The importance of protecting the environment continues to increase in modern society, and consumers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly products and alternative ways to balance their carbon footprints. At the same time, consumers demand affordable prices to neutralize the negative carbon impacts of their consumption.

Many companies and retailers are looking for ways to be more “green” by setting net-zero carbon goals at a corporate level, but this progress is costly and slow. Additionally, some aspects of your business model may be beyond your control, such as every step of the supply chain. While there is a willingness to change, it takes a long time for producers to become climate neutral. On the other hand, making significant changes such as changing your supplier network is difficult, time-consuming, high-risk, and likely to have a negative impact on your revenue and expenses.

Decarbonia offers a new option that helps companies maintain their revenue and profitability. Through the Decarbonia API, companies can offer end consumers the option to directly balance carbon at an affordable price of an average of 2% of the total shopping cart value.

Decarbonia API provides companies also with the opportunity to completely or partially finance the carbon credits for their sold goods and services and neutralize their Scope 3 emissions directly. This enables them to serve the environmentally conscious consumers while reducing their carbon footprint.

Decarbonia has no installation costs and no subscription fees for use. The installation is simple, and our technology does not affect your system speed. By enabling your customers to make their purchases climate-neutral, you can significantly contribute to climate change without any additional costs to your company while increasing and strenghtening your customer base.