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Decarbonia enables your customers to neutralize their carbon footprint by purchasing your products and thus allows you to effectively fight climate change. The Decarbonia algorithm automatically calculates the carbon emissions arising from the production and delivery of products in the shopping cart. Our payment button will show the amount of carbon credit required to balance these emissions. The carbon credit fee may be paid by your customers is approximately 2% of the total basket amount.

Expand your customer base with a good cause

When you associate your business with a good cause, your customers are more likely to choose your platform and come back. By integrating the Decarbonia API into your business model, you allow your customers to make their own choices to neutralize their carbon footprint while shopping.

Free to use and easy to install

No installation or subscription fee is required to use our API on your e-commerce platform. Your order process will not change, there are no additional procedures or steps required for integration, and your system speed will not be affected. You can always reach our support team via email or phone.

Improve your profitability or earn carbon credits

Do you prefer your customers to pay the carbon offset fee directly or would you like to cover it yourself? Do you only need green delivery service? We are happy to discuss different partnership models.

Extend your customer base with a good cause

By associating your e-commerce business with a good cause your customers are more inclined to choose your platform and return. Once you’ve integrated the Decarbonia API in your e-commerce platform, your customers can make their own choice to make their purchase carbon neutral.

Free usage and easy integration

Using our API in your e-commerce platform is not associated any costs of subscription fees. Your ordering-process remains as-is, no extra procedures or steps are required for the integration and your system speed is not affected. Our support is always available through mail or by phone.

Improve your bottom line or acquire carbon credits

Do you want your customer to pay for carbon credits or you prefer to pay for the carbon offsetting yourself? Do you need green shipping only? We are happy to discuss about our different partnership models.