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Shopping experience with a zero carbon footprint

In our daily lives, every product or service we consume has a carbon footprint. This footprint is a unit that measures the amount of greenhouse gases produced during the production, transportation, and disposal of a product.

Decarbonia API allows end-consumers to make their shopping experiences carbon-neutral by calculating the real-time carbon footprint of all products sold, including delivery, and purchasing high-quality carbon credits.

If the end-consumer chooses to neutralize their carbon footprint, the purchased carbon credits on a per-shopping basis will be sent to them with a serial code that can be verified on reputable carbon verification platforms.

The carbon footprint offsetting option is presented in the shopping cart during the shopping experience.

Moreover, if a supplier offers carbon-neutral products, the Decarbonia API takes that into account and only calculates and suggests the carbon balancing fee for delivery.

Our approach enables end-consumers to consciously choose the carbon impact of their purchased products and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Purchase of Carbon Credits

We purchase and retire carbon credits from accredited projects approved by our global partners. The credits are purchased in an amount determined by our Decarbonia API algorithm based on our database. For each carbon offset order purchased using our Decarbonia service, we provide the buyer with a transaction receipt including a unique serial number.

Your customers can use the serial number we provide to check and verify the amount of carbon retired on their behalf by visiting the relevant carbon verification platform.

This process helps your customers to neutralize the carbon emissions caused by their shopping and make more sustainable choices for the environment. Such initiatives can increase awareness on environmental issues and climate change and can be seen as an important step towards a sustainable future.